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Paperwork is always an important and necessary part of the counseling process. At your first session you should expect the first ten minutes or so to be given to a review of forms, getting signatures, making a copy of your insurance card, and making sure you understand the procedures and process of your counseling experience. To make these first minutes flow more easily please review the following forms: the HIPAA statement (please keep a copy for your records), the HIPAA Acknowledgement form (please sign and bring with you), and the registration form (complete and bring with you). Contact us today!


HIPAA Statement: This form will help you understand the Federal HIPAA regulations as these apply to your private health information (PHI) and our responsibilities to keep such information private and protected.


HIPAA Acknowledgement Form: Signing this form indicates you have read and understand the HIPAA regulations as these relate to your counseling experience.


Registration Form: This will contain the basic contact information we need for your file. Please complete it in advance.




Our counselors stay up to date with current trends in counseling theory and practice methods. Contact us today!